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Microcinema Fest 2006 Full Weekend Pass
Price: $20.00

Admission to all shows (28 films). August 10th from 7PM to Midnight, and August 11th and 12th from 1PM to Midnight. Admits one.

*Reserved passes may be picked by at the Cutting Hall Box Office on Thursday, August 10th (or at Meet and Greet Dinner or workshops).

Meet & Greet Dinner
Price: $13.00

An exclusive chance to meet independent filmmakers across the U.S. and Canada over a fine Italian Buffet. The event will include a sneak-peak at the films at this year’s festival, and plenty of networking opportunities.

Held from 6 PM – 9PM on Monday, August 7th at the Hotel Indigo, 920 E. Northwest Hwy. Palatine, IL. 60074. Reservations for the public will be limited!

Microcinema Fest 2006 Awards Dinner
Price: $30.00

Dine and chat with independent filmmakers from across the U.S. and Canada. A fine meal will be served as guests are provided with live entertainment and the Microcinema Fest 2006 Award-Winners are announced. See the Awards page for details on the awards we will present.

Held on Sunday, August 13 from 6 PM – 9PM at the Hotel Indigo, 920 E. Northwest Hwy. Palatine, IL. 60074. Reservations for the public will be limited!


Microcinema Fest 2006 Official Selections!
| June 16, 2006 |

The following films have been selected for the 2006 Microcinema Fest! Festival organizers would like to thank everyone who entered their productions into the festival and we hope to see everyone soon in Palatine, Illinois! A formal schedule showing times and dates will be available shortly on the Program page of this website.

Congratulations to all of those whose work has been selected! (Please note that this list may be updated. A few more films will most likely be added to the list if time will allow.)

2006 Microcinema Fest Selections:
(Presented Alphabetically)

Ad Man Kaleo Quenzer (short)
And Then There Were Nun Todd Tinkham (short)
Blackout Sean Gormley (short)
The B-Team Tim Wilkerson & Sean Brown (short)
Desperation Jon Clark (feature)
Double Dip: or How Four Discs of Pearl Harbor Ruined My Life Brian Amyot (short)
Exile Shogo (short)
Fate Twisted SimplySteve Coulter (feature – invited)
The Father, Unblinking Ziggy Attias (short)
Futile Attraction Mark Prebble (feature)
Gangster Movie James Dastoli & Robert Dastoli (short)
Go Barefoot Matt Meindl (short)
Jigsaw Scott Stabb (feature)
Livelihood Ryan Graham (feature)
Live on Tape Delay Chris Sato & Joe Nudelman (short)
My Imaginary Friend Lars Stevens Brian Amyot (short)
Oculus Mike Flanagan (short)
Pat Gets a Cat Adam Bertocci (short)
Permian Flow Bill Kersey (short)
El Reporte David Saldan~a (feature)
The Road To Gary Lump (short)
Sex Machine Christopher Sharpe (feature)
Southwestern Orange County vs. The Flying Saucers James Dastoli & Robert Dastoli (short)
The Split Carey Lewis (short)
Stump The Band William Holmes & Jojo Henrickson (feature)
Tough Love Marc Muszynski (short – invited)
Transformers Carey Lewis (short)
The United States of Nooooo!!! Jay Bauman & Mike Stoklasa (short)
Vacant Brian McQuery (short)

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